May 10, 2016

Upcoming Books

{ Coming Soon }

The following books will be published via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Please come visit again soon to see if the publish date has been set.

Aware Leadership™ is a fully extended mindful leadership framework designed by Andreas Metzen. It combines sound leadership functions with empowering leadership factors

Working titles of the Aware Leadership Series

Vol. 1 “Leadership Functions and Factors – Aware Leadership Foundation Guide”

Vol. 2 “Training the Leadership Mind – Aware Leadership Practice Guide”

Vol. 3 “Leadership Mindfulness In-Depth – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Guide”

Vol. 4 “The Science behind Mindfulness – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Science Review”

Carpe Momentum Advisory is also planning to release these books

Working titles of the Cognizant Life Art Series

Vol. 1 “How to Live Skillfully – Cognizant Life Art Foundation Guide”

Vol. 5 “Emotional Intelligence – Aware Leadership and EIQ”

~no title preview available at this point~

Vol. 6 “Aware Leadership Cards”

~no title preview available at this point~