May 10, 2016

Upcoming Books

Volume 1 and 2 of Aware Leadership

Aware Leadership is a comprehensive leadership body of knowledge that I am in the process of creating. My framework will be able to teach you to lead with wisdom, virtue, and concentration. 

Vol. 1 “Leadership Functions and Factors –  Foundation Guide”

The first volume of the Aware Leadership Series is called “Leadership Functions & Factors – Foundation Guide”. The book will show where we as leaders face adversity. What are our hindrances and obstacles of while leading? It will make the case for how we are being unskillful. The Foundation Guide will then focus on the solution – the Aware Leadership transformation. What are the transformation qualities? What are skillful states of mind. What tools can we leverage to transform? What mental skills and qualities are required? How can we sharpen the saw? All these questions will be answered and a deeper look into our mental leadership factors will be provided as well. The other core elements of Volume 1 are the Aware Leadership Factors and Functions.

We can overcome our obstacles and unskillfulness by trying to transform ourselves. Transformation is possible if you can catch yourself in the moments and reach a deep level of understanding of oneself and thereby others. The Aware Leadership body of knowledge lays out a path for transformation. It provides the two key ingredients. On the one hand a powerful set of Aware Leadership Factors. With these factors you can grow and multiply your inner core leadership skills. The other ingredient is the Aware Leadership Functions. With these functions you can ensure that your technical leadership skills include all the fundamental capabilities you need to have as a leader to be leading skillfully.

Vol. 2 “Training the Leadership Mind – Student Guide”

Volume 2 is called “Training the Leadership Mind – Student Guide.”
This book is intended to be the seminar companion for the students and provide the exercises and practices to train your mind like your body. If the power lifter image scares or intimidates you, no worries this is not about achieving. It is however about mental strength and becoming your most skillful self through mental training. Just like the power lifter this takes lots of practice and repetitions. The book will help you understanding your mind better. The book will have at least these 5 main chapters:
Understanding the Mind, 7 Step Mind Training Practice, 10 Concentration Reflections, Comprehensive Mindfulness Practices, Daily Practices

Future Envisioned Releases

Working titles of the Cognizant Life Art Series

Vol. 1 “How to Live Skillfully – Cognizant Life Art Foundation Guide”

Vol. 3 “Leadership Mindfulness In-Depth – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Guide”

Vol. 4 “The Science behind Mindfulness – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Science Review”

Vol. 5 “Emotional Intelligence – Aware Leadership and EIQ”

~no title preview available at this point~

Vol. 6 “Aware Leadership Cards”

~no title preview available at this point~