May 10, 2016

Upcoming Books

{ Coming Soon }

The following books will be published via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing end of  2019, beginning 2020.

Please come visit again soon to see if the publish date has been set.

Aware Leadership™ is a fully extended mindful leadership framework designed by Andreas Metzen. It combines sound leadership functions with empowering leadership factors

Working titles of the Aware Leadership Series

Vol. 1 “Leadership Functions and Factors – Aware Leadership Foundation Guide”

Vol. 2 “Training the Leadership Mind – Aware Leadership Practice Guide”

Vol. 3 “Leadership Mindfulness In-Depth – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Guide”

Vol. 4 “The Science behind Mindfulness – Aware Leadership Mindfulness Science Review”

Carpe Momentum Advisory is also planning to release these books in 2020

Working titles of the Cognizant Life Art Series

Vol. 1 “How to Live Skillfully – Cognizant Life Art Foundation Guide”

Vol. 5 “Emotional Intelligence – Aware Leadership and EIQ”

~no title preview available at this point~

Vol. 6 “Aware Leadership Cards”

~no title preview available at this point~